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About Mark Richards - Aurora Imaging

After studying photography in Swansea School of Art, Mark Richards joined Quadrant Advertising Agency where he was able to hone his skills and exercise his creative ability. When an opportunity arose to broaden his experience in theatrical production photography he moved back to work with the Torch Theatre in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. During this time, local designer and illustrator Graham Brace, an existing client, asked Mark to work as an associate, meeting all his client's commercial photographic needs. Throughout the life of Brace Harvatt Associates, Mark became renowned for his artistic eye, technical ability and professionalism.

The year 1999 saw Mark confidently set up his own photographic and imaging business under the trading name of Aurora Imaging.

Mark's creative and skilful approach has enabled Aurora Imaging to become a well established business in West Wales. Now relocated to Findhorn in North East Scotland, Aurora Imaging offers an efficient, responsive service to long standing and new clients in Findhorn, Moray, Highlands and Islands, Scotland, throughout the UK and Europe. This includes offering fully qualified and PFCO 'licensed' drone aerial photography and video services.

"The photos are superb, excellent, they are spot on. Thank you very much."

Sarah Crisp, Icon Artist

Mark Adrien Richards - Commercial Photographer